Monday, February 4, 2013

The Author Ambush: Sonnet O'Dell

This is the first post in a series where I tell the world about writers and their books. The first to ambush The Mean Girl's slice of cyber space is a fellow Eternal Press Author, Sonnet O'Dell. Her novel, Mistakenly Mated is being released on February 1st, 2013. She may also be the only other person who willingly admits to loving the movie Tristan and Isolde(be still my beating heart). Oh, James Franco your boorish attempt at a european accent didn't bother me one bit. 

About the book:
Curiosity only kills cats, right?

Kerry never expected to have a mate among her own kind. White wolves, like her, are considered cursed.

When curiosity gets the better of Kerry, she becomes the mate of the handsome Caleb and her future takes a dramatic turn. They crave each other through a bond that after a month will be unbreakable and they have till then to get to know each other.

Surviving that month is the only problem! Someone is out to kill Kerry, but who and why?

Now, for an Author interview with Miss O'Dell:

Tell me about your book Mistakenly Mated and where you got the inspiration for it?

Mistakenly mated is about two strangers, werewolves, who by a twist of fate become bonded. People are always going on about love at first sight, soul mates and things being meant. I always wondered what it would be like if it was a physical reaction that bonded two people, how would they cope with the emotional side of being suddenly connected together. I believe love is something that grows, it isn’t instant. You fall in love, you don’t just suddenly meet someone and wham they are the love of your life. Also I just plain like werewolves.

How do you overcome writers block?

I don’t know if I overcome it so much as it goes away. I view writers block as a little evil demon that attacks you when you’re trying too hard to get an idea to work. The more you try the more he taunts you. If you just ignore him, do something else for a bit, he gets bored and goes to bother someone else.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Not really. I mean I think it’s an interesting concept. It’s certainly fun to play around with as a writer but I’ve never seen it, it’s never happened to me but then again I’m not sure I’ve ever been in love, so I might have missed it.

Do you recall how your interest in writing occurred?

I’ve always liked writing. I used to make little picture books when I was little with very badly drawn princesses, dragons and knights. As I got older the writing got better, shame the pictures didn’t.

If you gave one of your characters the opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?

Speak for themselves? Getting them to shut up is the problem. Each of my characters have taken residency in my head and boy do they get demanding. Stop picking on me? You haven’t written about me in a while? Why can’t I have a love interest? It’s like having multiple a good way.

What’s your favourite love story?

For love stories I suppose I like classics best. Romeo and Juliet and Tristan and Isolde are two of my favourites.

Do you have a writing process? If so describe it.

My process involves loud music to hide the sound of my ducking taping my muse (I call him Ned) to a chair so that he can do his job. I then start with the basics, who the main characters are and then throw them into a situation to see how they cope.

Have you ever killed someone in a novel and regretted it later?

In a novel? No... I decline to mention real life.

If someone came up to you and wanted to tell you about an idea or a book they were writing, what would you do? Or what advice would you give?

This happens to me often and sadly I usually want to end up throttling the person. Not because their idea is or isn’t good but because they tell me its going to be so easy because writing isn’t really all that hard. That they’ll make tons and then there will be a movie deal. I try to tell them how hard it really is, that there is a lot of work to creating a book, that it takes years to get to a stage where you will make a decent living off it and you only get movie deals if your incredibly lucky. They don’t just hand them out willy-nilly, you can tell that from the fact that they keep remaking the same five movies over and over again.

Are the names of the characters in your novels important?

Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren’t. I always take time in choosing name; in fact I refer to them by gender or species till I find the right name for them.

Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

I’m a bit of both. Although I tend to keep a lot of junk, it’s all in neat little piles, that as long as no one opens a window are complete navigable. Promise.

Which do you find more embarrassing to write, violence or sex?

I don’t get embarrassed writing either. The only thing that embarrasses me is when my dad reads it.

What do you like most about being a writer?

Sharing my stories with other people. Letting my imagination run wild. Creating a whole new sort of reality.

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Fiona McGier said...

Hey Sonnet, after having been interviewed by you and reading other authors' interviews, it's nice to get a glimpse into YOUR authorly brain! Great answers...nice to get to know you.

BTW, I DO believe in love at first sight! I married him and we've been together for almost 30 years and raised 4 kids. It DOES happen.

Leanna Harrow said...

Another AWESOME interview! Way to go ladies!

Sonnet O'Dell said...

Hi everyone. It's wonderful to be here. It was so nice to be asked. I'm a very simple cynic who will always answer a question honestly, all you have to do is ask it :)

Linda Hays-Gibbs said...

Great interview of course as you are so talented. I am sorry I didn't get here sooner. I love it. You are as usual ver special and interesting. Good luck!
Linda Hays-Gibbs
Angel in My Heart, Devil in My Soul